Born from the mind of Francesco BUSIELLO, correlates the concept of freedom to the wine consumption and its ‘claim’ is a hymn of “liberi di essere, free to be, libre de ser” spoken in the three languages that best figure friendsh ip and happyness (itallan) world unity (eng lish) warm welcome and sharing (spanish).

lts goal is to reach the market segment where the “millenials” and the “no logo” stand, trying to break in and build a new way to analyze communication and content marketing, developing a strong feeling of el ite belonging that leads to cement the loyalty.

The label instead is understood in its whole by the new generation of customers, simply as a vector for communication amd infos for the wine: as of today the esthetic has a larger role than it had in the past the label ends up adding a strong sign, a symbol to the wine it belongs to (think about a poduct and its lifestyle importance).

ltalian and french young men because of their heritage keep the line going, standing on cultura! tradition and label wine as elegant charming product with a strong social vocation, perfect vector for social and/or intimate moments of sharing.